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    Taiwanese Association of America Greater Washington 


Dear TAAGWC Members and Friends,
Here is the TAAGWC Newsletter - February 2022
🔔華府臺灣同鄉會推薦好文共欣賞-by楊遠薰(Carole Hsu)
1.  《大華府地區紀念二二八75週年「愛、和平與希望」音樂會》
🔅日期:二月二十七日(星期天)FEB 27, 2022
🔅時間:11:30 a.m.-12:30p.m.
🔅形式:線上舉行,連結將於會議前寄出WebEx link will be provided later.
防疫考量,為保護大家身體健康,本年度音樂會決定以線上舉辦,活動細節將陸續公布,請鄉親保留時間參與!Considering the epidemic prevention, in order to protect everyone's health, this year's 228 memorial Concert would be held online. The details of the event will be announced soon. Please reserve time to participate!
2. 溫馨提醒!華府同鄉會會員繳交年費TAAGWC active member to renew 2022 membership
*會期:January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022
*2022同鄉會會費(Membership Fee):全家 (Family) $35:個人 (Single) $25
*繳交年費請點選此網址To renew 2022 membership👉
If you have any problem in logging in/online registering from the TAAGWC website, please see TAAGWC Website Login & Online Registration Payment & Renew Membership Instruction
3. 「向鄉親來報告」將於每月第一個星期五晚上8點準時在線上跟大家見面,同鄉會將於每月會議前寄出連結。
Please join us at the "Report to TAAGWC Members" meeting at 8:00 p.m. on the first Friday every month. The WebEx link will be provided within the TAAGWC email later.
4. 華府臺灣同鄉會推薦好文共欣賞-by 楊遠薰 (Carole Hsu)
📌我對哈波斯渡口的回憶(上) - Carole777 的部落格 - udn部落格
📌我對哈波斯渡口的回憶(下) - Carole777 的部落格 - udn部落格
📌哈波斯渡口的故事 - Carole777 的部落格 - udn部落格

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