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    Taiwanese Association of America Greater Washington 


Dear TAAGWC Members and Friends,

Here is the TAAGWC Newsletter - October 2018

  • 《慶祝台灣同鄉會50週年感恩節餐會》- TAAGWC Annual Thanksgiving Banquet

  • 《台灣同鄉會網站- 新活動照片!》- TAAGWC new website - new photos!

  • 《華府台灣同鄉會 - 十月人物專訪- 林昕璇 /黑潮之聲》-  Interview Archive with Hsin-Hsuan Lin


1. 《慶祝台灣同鄉會50週年感恩節餐會》- TAAGWC Annual Thanksgiving Banquet

慶祝同鄉會50週年感恩節餐會 - Celebrate 50 years of TAAGWC

Date/Time: Saturday November 10, 2018; 11:00-3:00 p.m.

Location: Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center( 9751 Washingtonian Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878)

Ticket Information (購票訊息):

Early bird discount deadline: 10/31/2018
TAAGWC Member: $50/per person (Early bird: $40/per person)
Non-Member: $60/per person (Early bird: $50/per person)
Student: $25/per person

Limited VIP Ticket: $200/per person

Dear TAA-GWC Members/親愛的華府鄉親們,

華府台灣同鄉會誠摯地邀請您參加我們一年一度的感恩節餐會,會中我們將一起向美方友人對台美雙方的情誼表達感謝。敬請填寫報名表或向同鄉會的理事們報名,感謝您的支持和鼓勵。參加的人可以得到一個價值不菲的紀念品 - "凝聚力量,心繫台灣"- 充電再出發。

The Taiwanese Association of America- Greater Washington Chapter cordially invites you to our annual Thanksgiving Banquet and to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Join us for this festive event where we celebrate Taiwan and express our appreciation to those who work hard to improve US-Taiwan relations.

We will hold our annual banquet at the beautiful water view Gaithersburg Marriott at Washingtonian Rio.

This year, we will revisit Taiwan-US relations in our keynote speech and host workshops to provide useful community information.

Tickets can be purchased through our board members or ONLINE. TAA-GWC is grateful for all of you and your continued support. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Free babysitting service available for family with your kids.

  • Chamber music performance

  • 50 Years of TAAGWC video by Dr. Milton Lee

  • This year you will have 5 options for your lunch meal: Grilled Marinated flat iron steak, Grilled Red Snapper, Grilled lemon chicken, Grilled Salmon and vegetarian.

  • Every attendee will receive a special TAAGWC 50th anniversary souvenir and a special program book to commemorate the 50 years of TAAGWC.  

2. 《台灣同鄉會網站- 新活動照片!》- TAAGWC new website - new photos!

歡迎同鄉會的鄉親朋友們,感謝大家的支持。今年我們的中秋市集和UN For Taiwan 的照片已經放上臺灣同鄉會網站。歡迎上去https// 網站上,click “photos” 就可以看到。希望你們會喜歡。有任何建議歡迎跟TAA team 連絡。謝謝

3. 《華府台灣同鄉會 - 十月人物專訪- 林昕璇 /黑潮之聲》-  Interview Archive with Hsin-Hsuan Lin

採訪、撰文: 林宣宇

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